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Acoustics in the Workplace

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Good acoustics at the Home-Workplace

Thanks to pleasant acoustics, communication is a lot better, especially now that working from home is taking over and meetings with, among others, zoom are taking the upper hand
Why is good acoustics in the (home) workplace so essential?
When designing a workplace, the acoustics of the room are often forgotten.

Since traditional workplaces are making way for open office spaces, the role of good acoustics is becoming increasingly important.
Good acoustics have a very positive effect on both the physical and mental health of employees. Nothing is more tiring than having to make an effort to understand the other person well

What is Acoustics ?

Acoustics are the influence that a room has on the sound of the sound. We are usually barely aware of this (until the reverb and echo take over). Every room has different acoustics.

Depending on the purpose of creating a room, there is more or less noise. That can be speech, but also background noise. The ultimate goal of good acoustics in a room is that communication can take place easily without extra effort

The advantages of a home / workplace with pleasant acoustics

In rooms with uncontrolled acoustics, irritation, stress and making mistakes are lurking. Due to a too high noise level from the environment, such as colleagues on the phone, an extra effort has to be made. This will quickly increase the risk of fatigue.

The advantages of an environment with controlled acoustics are:

Better focus and less likely to be distracted by ambient noise;
The ability to concentrate increases;
Labor productivity is increasing

How can I improve the acoustics at the home workplace?

We have various solutions for this, of course we have our own acoustic panels , but we also offer various other solutions.

Contact us for a no-obligation advice.

In addition to solutions for music studios, we offer acoustic solutions for the workplace, home and office, but also for theaters and home cinema



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